Founder and President of IWS Art Network

Congratulations and the very best wishes to IWS Indonesia Leader Umi Haksami and the IWS Indonesia team in the organization and presentation of the 4th IWS Indonesia International Competition and Exhibition – Wonderful Indonesia scheduled for November 23rd – December 20th, 2022. It is a joy to celebrate the beauty and talent of your wonderful country through this delightful exhibition, especially as you commemorate the 77th anniversary of Indonesia's Independence. We would especially like to commend you for incorporating a children’s division for the first time in the event’s history. It is so important to share our passion for watercolors with the upcoming generations.

We also extend our sincere congratulations to all of the artists that have participated in this event. By including IWS members from throughout the world, you have done an excellent job in furthering the mission of the IWS Globe Art Network in spreading peace and harmony through the medium of watercolors. We wish you all the best of success both in this event and in future events held in your beautiful country.



Attanur Dogan

Founder and President of IWS Art Network